Sander La Rivière started his new position on July 1st 2020. As Creative Director, Sander is now part of the Management Team at Burst. Sander has been working at Burst as an Art Director since 2017. Before that Sander worked for four years as Art Director at Emakina NL.

Hans Maltha about the promotion: "Sander has made himself indispensable for Burst from the start in 2017. He is passionate about his discipline, really someone we can build on as a team and the same goes for our customers. He always comes up with well-though-out ideas that are just right from the core. He did a great job rebranding Largo, was lead creative for Baderie's new platform, and has been working on branding and brand positioning for Looye and Verno for a long time. Sander has experienced an acceleration in his development in recent months that was not to be missed."

Sander about his promotion: “We are an agency that - in addition to a technical heart - is strategically, conceptually and creatively strong. We always start with the question: what is the real challenge the customer approaches us for? We look at which insight(s) we can link to this; the strategy. And only then comes the idea, the concept. I look forward to strengthening Burst's position as a strategic and creative partner for our customers. And to creating beautiful, well-thought-out digital experiences. My credo is that everyone is creative, not just the designers. We are successful at Burst because of the combination of conceptual thinkers and strong technical people; the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This is how we create digital experiences that are right. That is magical."

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